Terms of use

General terms of business

  1. Our prices do not include VAT and shipping charges. We reserve the right to change our prices.
  2. Orders should be placed exclusively through our website https://inkognitolab.com
  3. The Customer Care information required by law of the country of re-sale, needs to be provided by our buyer

Order quantity

  1. Our minimum order quantity for all wearable items is 30 pieces, 50 pieces for tote bags ,1000 pieces for stickers
  2. Sample orders are possible with the same terms as normal orders.

Printing Process

We usually use discharge and water based inks on 100% cotton, but we’ll use whatever will give the best results for your specific needs. 

From our minimum order of 30 pieces to 10,000+ pieces we provide the experience you need to develop your garment.

Prior to reaching the press, you’ll receive a digital mockup of how the printed apparel will look like. 

We do our best to provide you with mockups of the actual brand and apparel code you order. 

When this is not possible you’ll receive a mockup that resembles the actual image with 80% accuraccy.

Pricing and Payment methods

1  Screen Printing Pricing is based on three factors:

  • The amount of pieces printed.
  • The complexity of the artwork.
  • The type of garment or material used.

The quoted prices you’ll receive do not include artwork design. In case you need an artwork designed

from scratch or you need a redesign of an existent one, please let us know.

2  Custom Design Service - Print Design Services Pricing

Pricing is based mainly on the nature of the design a client needs (logo, brochure, catalogue, poster, etc) and the time

given to us to complete the job. 

Upon every commission, a 50% deposit of the quoted price is requested. It is important that we receive a comprehensible brief

of what you need, in order to be more effective at designing exactly what you need.

Payment methods and conditions

We always ask for a 50% deposit before the project reach the production line and 50% before shipment

  1. Safe payment via Paypal
  2. Bank transfer at our company account