Custom Printing Service

Custom Screen Printing

We provide custom screen printing on shirts, hoodies, totes and more. We print on cotton, polyester, nylon, polyacrylics, etc. We also print on flat surfaces of any kind: hard plastics, plexi-glass, glass, metal, paper, cork, wood, etc. The price per item goes down as the amount ordered goes up. If you order multiple designs at a time, we will work with you on better overall pricing. Orders usually ship within two weeks or less from when we get the blanks.

We’re professionals but a fairly small shop, still capable of producing thousands of shirts every day. We focus on every client’s job, taking the time needed to produce the best result. 

Custom Design Service

Print Design Services

Custom Design Service

We’re able to provide print services for everything printed. We’re problem solvers. Be it a logo or brochure for your company, a poster or a packaging design that you need, we’re here to work with you to find the best solution to your communication problem. Our team of designers, with more than twenty years of experience in the print design field provide confidence that your design will be sent to the printer properly prepared to get the best result, whether it’s an offset, digital, letterpress or flexographic print that’s required.                                                      

PrePress Services

We can also provide you with Prepress Services, if you have some design and you need to properly prepare it for the printer. Depending on the nature of your files this might or might not be possible, but we’ll do our best to resolve any issue, since that’s what we’re passionate about.

Working with us 

When you work with us, you will receive special attention and we guarantee you’ll be happy with your order.With us, communication is easy. Expect generally quick replies to emails and friendly phone calls.